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The Best Paintbrush for Oil-Based Gloss

Updated Aug 20, 2022 | Posted Aug 5, 2021 | Professional insight, Tool Insight | 1 comment

I have been a decorator, and decorating geek for the best part of 20 years. I thought I’d put pen to paper and explain a little bit about what I think is the best paintbrush for oil-based gloss. I hope you find it useful.

The problem with gloss is the linseed oil content is very high, making the paint sticky. This can often clog the synthetic bristles you find on most modern paintbrushes. The way to combat this is to use a brush with natural bristles instead (hog hair).


Hamilton Perfection Paintbrush


Hamilton Perfection is a very old-school paintbrush and has been a favourite of professional decorators for decades!! For me, and many others, they are the best brushes on the market for oil-based paints, especially gloss. Their natural fibres will not stiffen and clog with the oil and you’ll find them perfect for applying and working the material.

These brushes hold a lot of paint too!! You can work the material over large areas such as doors with ease. As well as forcing paint into tight gaps and corners of door architraves. Trust me when I say, they are perfect for the task and a joy to use. I’ve tried many paint brushes in oil-based gloss over they years and nothing comes close to Hamilton Perfection!!

You can buy this paintbrush online, as well as hundreds of other Trade Paint outlets.


Hamilton Sash Brushes


So, you have your Hamilton perfection to work the paint beautifully on the larger areas. Now you need something smaller, which will hold its shape when you’re trying to cut straight lines. Not an easy task with a sticky paint such as gloss. I would normally have two brushes on the go at any one point. The perfection and a sash brush.

There are a few good sash brushes on the market. I thought I’d stick with Hamilton because I know they’re good and they handle oil-based gloss well. I would normally buy a pack of 4, which gives me different sizes to work with.

Hamilton sash brushes are perfect for cutting into glass, the edges of doorframes, the tops of skirtings, and anywhere else you need to strike a straight line really. They are one of the best sash brushes on the market.

Again, you can pick these sash brushes up online, from any Crown Decorating Centre, or some of the other trade paint outlets.


Foam Rollers


I know they’re not paint brushes, but I thought I’d quickly talk about foam rollers. As previously mentioned, oil-based gloss is very sticky, and spreading a thin, even coat, over a large area can be a nightmare!! Using a foam roller will not only speed the job up, but it will give you a more even finish.


You can use a microfibre roller, but as the gloss is sticky, it has a tendency to pull fibres from your roller head. A foam roller is a quick, easy way to apply your paint. Just remember to lay off with a paintbrush afterwards.


The Best Oil-Based Gloss


A little stocking filler for you. I won’t go on too much because I’ve already written a full blog on the best oil-based gloss, which you can view here. I thought I’d give you a quick summery though

Choosing the right gloss is important, simply because of the problems you could experience with the paint yellowing over time. Choose trade paint and don’t try to save a few quid by going cheap, or your brilliant white glossed door will look magnolia after a few months!!

My recommendation would be to use Crown Next Generation, Available online, or any Crown Decorating Centre.

My second favourite gloss is Dulux Trade, which can be a pain to use, but if you get it right it’ll look gorgeous for years to come. You can get Dulux Trade online, any Dulux Decorating Centre, or about a million other stockists.


Final Thoughts


Using the correct paintbrush for oil-based gloss is half the battle. Soft synthetic bristles just clog, making your work hard going. A good sash brush will help with your cutting in, and a natural bristle paintbrush like the Hamilton perfection will tackle the larger areas. Follow the advice on this blog, and your paint finish will be immaculate every time.


The Best Paintbrush for Oil-Based Gloss – by Mike Gregory

Updated Aug 20, 2022 | Posted Aug 5, 2021 | 1 comment

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  1. tony mc gilloway

    old Hamilton perfection where the brush last 10 years gone to dogs not the same i use Purdy Monarch or extra,good thick stock for both water or oil based satin


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